The Boston Flag

Jun 9, 2023

Boston Flag Anatomy

A symbol of unity and pride for the people.

The compass centerpiece represents Boston innovation and the harbor. The surrounding dark blue circle symbolizes the Charles River that runs through the city. The red represents the Freedom Trail that winds through Boston, connecting our past to the present. The light blue symbolizes the Atlantic Ocean, which connects Boston to the rest of the world.


Flag anatomy light blue

The light blue color of the flag symbolizes the Atlantic Ocean and Boston’s connection to the rest of the world. The light blue is Optimistic Blue and its represented by the hex value #288BE4.

The standard ratio of the flag is a 2x3.

Flag anatomy dark blue

The dark blue color represents representing the Charles River running through Boston. One of the largest rivers in Massachusetts and a major source of economic strength for the city. The inner white circle is a symbol for Boston’s long winters and unity. The dark blue is Charles River Blue and its represented by the hex value #091F2F.

The diameter of the dark blue circle is 2/3rds (66%) the height of the flag. The diameter of the inner white circle is 2/3rds the length of the outer dark blue circle. Example: If the diameter of the dark blue circle is 600 pixels, the inner white circle’s diameter is 400 pixels.

Flag anatomy red compass

The compass is the heart of the flag. It symbolizes the harbor, a major resource and historically important for the early growth of the city. The red color is a symbol for the Freedom Trail, a brick trail running through Boston connecting our past to the present. The trail marks many locations significant to the history of the United States. The red is Freedom Trail Red and its represented by the hex value #FB4D42.

Dimensions of the compass can be broken down into two 4 pointed stars. The larger star at the forefront of the compass is 1/3rd the height of the flag. The smaller star is tilted 45 degrees and is 2/3rd the height of the lager star. For example, the height of the flag is 9 feet, the height of the larger, forefront star, is 3 feet, and the smaller star is 2 feet.

Plan of Action

Like many others, Roman Mars and the 99% Invisible podcast was the source of inspiration for this project. I wanted to create a symbol that represents the city of Boston and its people. A symbol that the people of Boston could be proud of.

I’d love to see Boston City Council create a public competition to redesign the symbol for the city. These competitions have been wildly successful in many other cities like Pocatello, Chicago, Milwaukee, Syracuse, Lincoln, Reno and many more.

I love Boston and I hope you find motivation to add a bit more beauty to your world.

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I'm Wes. I live in Boston and work on Wonderment.

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